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Hila, le 3 Janvier 2020 à 15:58 Publié dans Alpes-Maritimes 0 5


Me and my French boyfriend are getting married in the French Riviera, near his home town on July.

Because I am not French I am really struggling to find all the wedding suppliers... but the worst for me is to find a makeup artist in the style that I like, which is "Glam".

All the makeup works I saw are one of these 2 types:

1) really tasteless old fashioned makeup style

2) really natural, almost invisible makeup style

In my country there's a lot of amazing makeup artists that are doing glamorous and amazing makeup for brides, I am wondering if it just doesn't exist in France because you don't like it? or maybe I just don't know how to search? Can anyone please recommend me on makeup artist that is doing this style from Cannes area?

Merci beaucoup,


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Activité récente par Mélissandre, le 7 Janvier 2020 à 10:31
  • Mélissandre
    Côte d'Or
    Mélissandre ·
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    Hi Hila 😊

    You can have a look to our suppliers catalogue :

    Esthétique coiffure mariage Alpes-Maritimes

    Did you already find a wedding dress ?

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  • Laurianne
    Mariée Pro Avril 2021 Pas-de-Calais
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    Hi Hila

    Maybe you should send a picture to many make up artist (by using Facebook or instagram for example) et and ask if they do this kind of make up. I'm sure you'll have some positive response. Don't forget we're french and pretty dumb in english, maybe you won't have an answer easily, use Google Translate, it won't be perfect but it will help to understand ! I hope you'll find the good one !
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  • Tiffany
    Mariée VIP Août 2020 Loire Atlantique
    Tiffany ·
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    Hi Hila,
    Of course it exists in France but it is not that easy because more and more brides are looking for natural (or transparent like) make up.
    I have found a lot of suppliers for my wedding thanks to this app but not the make up artist. I have discovered her through google with the key words « maquilleuse professionnelle » and my zipcode. You will access to professional websites with photoshoot examples and I am sure you will find what you are looking for !Wish you all the best !
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  • Vanessa 💕
    Mariée VIP Juin 2021 Eure-et-Loir
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    Hello Hila,

    I think it will be very complicated for a lot of our brides to understand your message, as some of them don't speak/understand English language... I hope you will receive enough recomandation Smiley smile

    I am not living in this area neither, so I'm not able to help you. I just moved your conversation in the group of your department, hope it will be easier for you receiving advices from brides.

    Did you reach professionnals on this website? It's very complete...

    I wish you the best on your searches Hila ^^

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  • Tiphaine
    Mariée VIP Septembre 2020 Eure
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    Maybe you can choose the style you like on photo and then ask the make up artist in France if she can do that style.

    I'm not living in this area so i can't recommand someone for you but here i know a make up artist professionnal and i think she can do a very lot of style but not all of them are available on her website.

    On this site you can look for professionnals by area, maybe you can find some contacts ?

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